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ICT Business


GKC's ICT Business is to help the people to have their own business with their own content. Its goal is to open 10,000 business entities which can hire more than 100,000 people having sustainable jobs in the Kron World. And these 100,000 people would have capability of taking care of more than 10 people per each person directly by creating a new economy and live for their daily life and work happily. Aloha project is providing the economic circulation for sharing the benefit of the success among related entities and people.

This project supports businessmen and employees to do secure and profitable business amid post pandemic and provide global standardization of work skills and knowledge with a higher manner to the society. 

Kronosa project is to build The Sustainable Human Society with a next generation internet service platform for humans to use both the virtual and the real world as their residence and workplace. And this project also helps the individuals and the entities enable to secure the digital-physical asset, business, and privacy by the mechanism of "I Govern, and You Govern, and We Govern"

For this reason, more than 1Million people, which is almost the total population of one city, will enjoy the benefit of the success of this International project, Aloha Project, and indirectly over 100Million people will enjoy the regional society. 

The unique technology has been implemented by the Kronosa Alliance team, a focus group, the global businessmen, technicians and engineers are joining and the people are dwelling to work and live in the world via Kron Technology.


Artificial Intelligence service innovation owned by individuals through hybrid peer to peer distributed network enabling real-time communication.

You own your own AI as I do.

Provide a new lifestyle paradigm to purchase and use content, goods, and services in a real-time without waiting for 10 seconds.
You govern your own asset from offline to online vice versa.

An object based mining structure that eliminates existing fund intensive large scale mining and is performed on a per user basis.

Kron World
Partion 1.png
Partion, Drone Sharing Service


Partion AI, TI

Personalized AI for Humans

Generating wealth and creating new added value through the popularization of private owned A.I

Kronosa 7.png

Kronosa Alliance

Real Time Communication & Blockchain Service

Build the Sustainable Human Society


Enjoy the system you participated in.

Because you generated the “Value”.

You deserve to share your stake at the Kronosa Alliance.


The meaning of Physical Time is Chronos and A is a space suffix that makes Kronosa meaningful.

Kronos; God of time. The ruler of the universe, the position of the supreme God, Father of Zeus.

Kronosa is a project for you to govern your own world.


Kron is a next generation internet service platform for you to use the virtual world as your residence and safety box of your real asset, business, and privacy.

Kronosa Digital Asset management

Harmonized AI for Humans

Integrated Management of assets scattered by each country and providing appropriate management environment for users in each country

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