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About GKC

Company Mission

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How about if 1,000 business entities hire more than 100,000 people having stable jobs. And if these 100,000 people support more than 10 of each one by spending money for their daily life and work. Happy 2030 project of our group is to provide the economic circulation for sharing the benefit of the success among related entities and people around us.

This strategy supports businessmen and employees to do the secure and profitable business in the world and provide global standardization of work skills and knowledge with a higher manner to the society. 

More than 1million people which is almost the population of one city will enjoy the benefit of the success of the project, Happy 2030 project is clean and passionate goal for our group. 

The unique strategy will be implemented by the Happy 2030 Task Force Team, GKC, and a focus group, and the global businessmen and technician and engineers will be invited and dwelling to enjoy in the Happy World.

Millions of people have been enjoyed the benefit of the success of the International projects, and more people will enjoy in their regional society continuously

The unique cutting edge technology has been implemented by the Kronosa Alliance team, a focus group, the global businessmen, technicians and engineers who have been joined, and many people are dwelling peacefully in the world with us.

Company Mission


We would like to introduce our humble Group defining “A Turn-key solution Provider” as the finest consultant, a sincere developer, and a superior contractor with quick response and satisfaction to the client. Our business started with construction and energy fields, and now we expanded our business domains into future industries.


We, GKC Group, are established to fulfill the new orders and needs for only “An Extraordinary Leader” among highest level of foundation, society and government by consulting the reliable and specially customized A to Z solution on demand. 


Our Group is organized to assist the development of the Nations to build social infrastructure and system by professional and skillful hands of people with honesty and highly passionate hearts for the better world.


We make the development plan based on our client’s order within the budget given for each project in the county will be used transparently as our client required to build through our professional work performance.


Building each the ports, roads, electricity facilities, compounds including hospitals and schools and virtual and physical platform will be selectively one of the most important projects and we take a huge responsibility and reliable action to understand the needs, situation and environment of underdeveloped countries bringing toward the bright future.

We know that there are so many challenges we have to across to achieve the goal at the development stage such as illness, cultural gap, food, time taking, misunderstanding and so on existed not only in the underdeveloped countries but also the developed countries.


Our Group is engineered and listening to the voice of people of nations under the client requirement from the beginning, a verbal and dreaming stage. This stage contains most difficult work especially in underdeveloped countries due to limited human resources and feasible information and the social differences and cultural gap among the developed countries bringing us new stage of challenging.


We are willing to take over these difficulties and going to the next step to design the future of the nations as our client wanted.

We are building logistics, transportation, electricity, medical and education infrastructure to fulfill the very realistic strategies and an optimal and ultimate goal to underdeveloped countries. Real hope for our job is not limited to only hardware but also software to settle down the full functioned system nationwide.


Our construction team constructs the power plant, waste to energy plant, ports, roads, power plants and ICT center, hospitals, schools, internet system by following the instruction and requirement of aligned design and order from our client.


Establishing the well-made infrastructure on the right time is our main goal and we are willing to satisfy people of nations and our client but we are not standing only for this goal achievement furthermore we believe that, after completion, using the infrastructure properly and continuously is our a real and ultimate goal. Our Group does care about on time delivery of completed infrastructure and also Operation and Maintenance after completion of infrastructure.


We believe using the infrastructure and facilities is the beginning of the bringing the bright future and continuous using is like living in the light. Therefore, we shall be continuously developing, constructing, operating, maintaining, helping and supporting underdeveloped countries to be newborn developing countries by delivering and transferring knowhow and technology.


With the well-organized expert team of our Group will assist our client achieving the goal from idea and consulting stage, developing and construction stage, until the operating and transferring stage in special countries and we believe our client’s goal is to bring light to the people and making a better world.


We announce all the business and success is solely rely on our client’s satisfaction that is why our Group is working humbly, honestly, transparently, gladly, and passionately.

We are ready to go, develop, build, operate and transfer to any of destined country by your order. 


Sincerely yours,

Henry Ki Hwan Kim



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Clean World



Our Vision

Our vision and strategic goals explain what matters to us is a sustainable human society. We will deliver on our promise and show our value.

Our vision is driven by strong intentions and aspirations, and our strategic goal is also to develop the development of clean energy infrastructure, the establishment and operation of a safe communication environment for a safe, reliable and sustainable human society.

We will always try to promote new ideas to operate more effectively and efficiently, and we will constantly strive to grow our core business and develop new businesses of the future.

Our Vision

Business Domain

Renewable energy

Clean Energy

Power Generation Plant


Development of Power Plant

Erection of Thermal Power Plant, Gas Turbine Power Plant (CCPP & SCP), Steam Turbine, HRSG and Associated piping, Renewable Green Energy Power Plant (Solar, CSP, Wind, Waste, Hydro, Bio and etc.), Test & Pre-commissioning, BOP, Operation and maintenance. High voltage electrical construction including transmission and distribution line, substation erection, test & commissioning, underground power and communication cable, communication tower and fiber optics cable installations.

You Govern, I Govern, We Govern

Information & Communication Tech.

You Govern, I Govern, We govern


Kron World is an active support system that enables service users to lead lives in an omnichannel system where anyone manages own equity and liability and produce, distribute content(asset) anywhere in the world.


Each one of us Governs, We Govern.

We build the Sustainable Human Society with Kronosa Alliance.

Cleopatra Salt

The Brand

Cleopatra Salt 

Extracted from beneath layers of sand, boasts the world's highest purity with a purity of over 99% NaCl. ​​Since it is located in a desert where human access is difficult, Cleopatra salt is produced in the cleanest preserved natural environment and out of reach of humans.

​For thousands of years, royals and nobles have been caring for essential and precious gold to obtain elec-trolytes and minerals for beauty and health.

Therefore, our salt is free of pollution, soot, heavy metals, fine dust, and fine plastics.

Business Domain


Clean Energy

Cleaning up our planet

Kron World

The removal of the waste as well as the conversion of the wasted energy to the useful energy, biomass power plant, shall be obtained with the modern technology by GKC, who contracted waste to energy power plants in Egypt.

The waste will be incinerated and removed and converted to the useful electrical energy which will be connected to the nearby city electrical distribution lines.

Project Type


Crystal salt, Cleopatra Salt

The World Best Cleopatra Salt

Cleopatra Salt

Cleopatra Salt is the 100% Natural Product that has been used since the ancient civilization thousands of years ago.


Cleopatra Salt is made from the finest treasures of mother nature which has been passed down to this day since Queen Cleopatra's era as the secret precious ingredients for Royal Families and nobles who want to preserve the luxurious natural beauty and health.  

Cleopatra salt is standardized and processed for a variety of purposes, and is widely used for food, bath, poultice, interior, brick, health, chemical raw materials, negative ion generator, and tinnitus treatment​

We Proudly present World Best Salt. 

Project Type


Hydro electrical power

Stable Electricity Supplication

Kron World

GKC Energy provides Hydro-Electric power projects due diligence and economic analysis to determine technical and brings direct relationships with bankable technology partners, optimizing time value of production, cost and reliability.

Underdeveloped country Strategy especially for huge demand of power
Accompanying local factories, completed with best practice manufacturing protocols, security and training and
technology transfer, we provide local product for use in project power plants, enabling a domestic supply of products
and significant local job creation.

Project Type


Digital Asset management

Safely Communicate with others

Kron World

www.Owake.Me is a hybrid peer-to-peer application because of the systems studied in chaos theory are deterministic and Markov chains and other random walks are not.

The Schrödinger equation describes the continuous time evolution of a system´s wave function which is also deterministic.


One of the things that human society is experiencing is that we need more intelligent artificial intelligence robots than a lot of manpower for huge productivity.


It is as if hundreds of workers have experienced the fact that artificial intelligence fork-lays are more efficient at digging the land than selling the land.

Project Type


World Peace

Making a peaceful world

Kron World

Promote global equipment sharing business as a true intelligence sharing service beyond the limits of on demand services such as Uber and Airbnb.

It also cooperates and provides a true concept of shared service by being connected in the Kronosa space.
One of the service is Partion.
(Latin) partiō: to share, to allocate, to distribute, share

(Greek)-on: suffix of space

(English) on: connected

Project Type


Drone management, drone sharing

Sustainable Human Society

Kron World

We wish to rebuild the relationship between the system and the human being, and the properties have to be reconfigured by the human with the philosophy of 'I Govern'. Mathematics are rigid sometimes and have to be modesty others, a self-governance Kron world makes sense the essential part of a governance based human condominium.

Artificial intelligence supports human beings to help human decision to be a right decision so that a sustainable human world can be achieved, and actively participates in human economic activities through automated independent roles.


Identification of Humans. Kron World human identity. We are the humans consisting of spirit, soul, body, and mind. And heart.

Project Type




2010. 10.14. Established Power Plant Business Team
2010. 10. 19. Registration of Renewable Business Operator
2011.07.05. Designed 365 MW Renewable Energy Power Plant Project for JDURC(Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Company)
2011.10.14. Established GKC Energy 
2011.11.30. LOI from JDURC
2012.12.07. MOU with MED of GOSS
2012.12.16. LOI from MED of GOSS
2013.03.20. Presented KACARE the Competitiveness Analysis Report from EY
2013.06.15. Business Collaboration with KACARE in KSA
2016. 02.09. Invitation for PPA from MOFEP of GOSS
2016.03.23. PPA with MED of GOSS
2017. 11.21 Agreement with El Beheira Governorate For WTE Plant
2018. 11.21 Established the Brand Division for Cleopatra Salt Business
2019. 11.19 Electricity Export Approval for WTE in El Beheira Governorate
2020. 01.01 Released Cleopatra Salt 
2020. 06.20 Launched Omni-Communication Service,
2021. 10.01 Launched GKC Japan 
Management Team

Mr. Ismael Arribas

Professional Experiences

Nov. 2018 ~ Present

Vice Chairman of Kronosa Alliance

Nov. 2017 ~ Present

CEO of GKC Europe

May 2012 ~ Present

CEO of Kunfud

Chairman of the Standard Committee at

The founding member of INATBA Co-chair at the Standards Committee and WG of Interoperability

The Principal Advisor for Standards at LaCChain and IDB Lab

Aug. 2008 ~ Feb. 2011 

Citibank Spain

Specialized in

Spanish accredited expert for different Standardization Bodies on the “Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” i.e. ISO, CEN-CENENLEC, ETSI ISG PDL (liaison Officer and Rapporteur), Compliance, GDPR, Global Business, Business Management, Business Consulting, Project Management, Information Technology, Sustainable Human Society,

IMG-20170831-WA0000 (2).jpg

Awarded with special Certificate of Appreciation by ITU-T FGDLT in 2019

Ms. Limara Haque

Professional Experiences

2021 ~ Present

Blue Future Organisation – CEO

2016 ~ 2023

Lumen Consultancy and Investment - CEO

2012 ~ Present

International Director Kunfud 

Specialized in

Business Management, Financial Engineering, Impact Investing, Economic Global indicators analysis, Business Data Analysis, Integrated Business Technology Solutions, Business Compliance and Governance, GDPR, DLT and crypto technologic solutions

European Secretary General of Kronosa Alliance

2021 ~ Present

2020 ~ Present

GKC Europe - CCO


Mr. Daehan Jung

Professional Experiences

Feb. 2023 ~ Present

Cleopatra Salt Inc. Korea CEO

Aug. 2020 ~ Present

Green Ocean Co., Ltd., CEO

Mar. 2013~ President

Daehanmulsan Co., Ltd., CEO

Mar. 2008~ Mar. 2010

Basketball player, Korea University

Specialized in

Marine product production and distribution

Sportsmanship management

Marine business development

Factoring business


Mr. Nirei Atsushi

Professional Experiences

Aug 2023 ~ Present

GKC JAPAN CO., LTD., President

Dec. 2019 

ION INC., President

Feb. 2017

NINO.CO., LTD., President

Apr 2001

NEO INDEX INC.  President

Apr 1986


Specialized in

Development of fine ultrapure water

Factory and production line design

Grid computing planning and development (Sony PS3)

VOD system development

VOD service design

Hollywood copyright acquisition and sale

HDD video development


Dr. Ihab Tahoon

Professional Experiences

Nov. 2016 ~ Present

GKC Egypt Co., Ltd., Chairman

Oct. 1980 ~ May. 2014

ECS of Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Egypt, Minister Plenipotentiary

Specialized in

Economics & Trade, Global Business, Business Management, Business Consulting, Project Management, Energy Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Government Relations,

Global Business, Information Technology

Ihab Tahoon

2008: Honorary Doctorate, SNU

1982: Champion of Karate 

Mr. Henry Kihwan Kim

Professional Experiences

Nov. 2013 ~ Present

GKC Co., Ltd., Chairman

Apr. 2010 ~ Apr. 2013

GKC Global Co., Ltd., President

Apr. 2007 ~ Apr. 2008

Grid Business Association, Vice chairman

Apr. 2003 ~ Jul. 2009

National Grid Co., Ltd., President

Mar. 1999 ~ Feb. 2003

C.O. Tech Co., Ltd.(KOSDAQ) Team Leader

Mar. 1994 ~ Feb. 1999

Netgah Inc., CEO

Specialized in

Global Business, Business Management, Business Consulting, Project Management, IT infrastructure development, Henry Kihwan KIm Invented Humanized Intelligence(HI), Kron Computing infrastructure(KCI), and Kron World.

Henry Kihwan Kim

2018: Award of the People who shone in Korea, Korea News Press Society

2007: Innovation award from SK Telecom, first place award

2007: Winner of Red Herring 2007 Asia's top 100 by American magazine.

2005: Meritorious prize from the Army capital defense headquarters

2004: Award Korea Excellent Technology Certificate from Vice Prime Minister of Korea

2001: Certification of Management Consulting from KPC(Korea Productivity Center)

2000: Meritorious prize from Korea Productivity Center.

Management Team

Business Activities

Business Activities
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