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We care about sustainable human society

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Current Issues

According to IRENA, Renewable power generation can help countries meet their sustainable development goals through provision of access to clean, secure, reliable and affordable energy.

Renewable energy has gone mainstream, accounting for the majority of capacity additions in power generation today. 

Tens of gigawatts of wind, hydro power and solar photovoltaic capacity are installed worldwide every year in a renewable energy market that is worth more than a hundred billion USD annually. Other renewable power technology markets are also emerging. Recent years have seen dramatic reductions in
renewable energy technologies’ costs as a result of R&D and accelerated deployment.
Yet policy-makers are often not aware of the latest cost data.

Hence, GKC works closely with the government to realize the ultimate goal of the nation.

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Our Responsibility

GKC Group, A global infrastructure developer company, brings the secret and important business proposition to special government and hope to be one of the core members of building the Happy Clean World and sustainable human society.

The current business world doesn't allow to share the information and know-how to the other people and competitors in other nation. So it is hard to achieve such a high standardization goal and it is not a smart thing to open the information on public what the government and businessmen are doing against other competitors.

GKC has developed many infrastructure projects and keeps the secrecy of many agents and authorities to build governmental projects by nature. 

We are focusing on the Happy Clean World as the most important agenda, GKC is keeping the information for the right goal and right people to pursue and execute the plan.  

We develop the energy projects around the globe

The landfill of the waste has been caused the contamination of the ground and deep soil. 

The waste collected area also emits a lot of order, bad smell, dust air, etc. to deteriorate the environment.

The removal of the waste as well as the conversion of the wasted energy to the useful energy, waste to energy power plant, shall be obtained with the modern technology by GKC who contracts waste to energy power plants with the government.

The waste will be incinerated and removed and converted to the useful electrical energy which will be connected to the nearby city electrical distribution lines.

The  Waste to Energy Power Plants will be constructed by GKC under the finance, build, own, operation and transfer condition.

Waste To Energy, WTE, Renewable Energy
Hydro energy, Hydroelectricity, Renewable Energy

Hydropower, when associated with storage in reservoirs, contributes to the stability of the electrical system
by providing flexibility and grid services. Hydropower can help with grid stability, as spinning turbines can be
ramped up more rapidly than any other generation source. Additionally, with large reservoirs, hydropower can
store energy over weeks, months, seasons or even years. Hydropower can therefore provide the full range of
ancillary services required for the high penetration of variable renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

Renewable Energy, PV, Wind, electricity

GKC projects range from smaller multiple Megawatt scale to Gigawatt and beyond. With financial partners GKC brings over $5 Billion USD of project finance and power purchase agreement(PPA) capability to the table to meet long term project goals.

GKC develops and manages construction and operation of world class manufacturing facilities and power plants.

GKC provides all project due diligence and economic analysis to determine technical and financial feasibility and brings direct relationships with bankable technology partners, optimizing time value of production, cost and reliability.

Power plant & electro-mechanical projects develper & EPC
Local economic benefit, home-base manufacturing setup
Latest proven technologies maximizing efficiency and ROI
Complete project due diligence and economic analysis

Energy Projects

GKC Energy Business Area

for Sustainable Human Society

Power Plant
Transmission line
Solar power plant
National Grid
Chemical Plant
Hydroelctricity, Hydro dam, Hydro power
Green building
Piping, Connecting, Welding

M&A : Buying the shares of the relevant companies


Construction : Building the major infrastructure projects simultaneously


Market positioning : Branding local products toward the world


Enhancement : Transferring the know-how and knowledge

Business Area

We care about

Sustainable Human Society

clean energy, renewable energy
manufacturing, plant
happy world, clean world
water purification
tractor, agriculture
social networking
training, education
information technology, communication
We support

Domestic Products will be the one of the key elements for building The Happy Clean World 2030.

To have the good quality of manufacturing factory, it is important to keep up with the other countries experiences.


Acquiring the know-how and knowledge from other countries is the hidden agenda in the modern business world and countries.


Good quality of Electrical cable, equipment, light, and other products will be manufactured in the local site by Happy Clean World 2030 project without any interference of the time leg.

Tractor, agriculture, consulting, purchase management, supply
EPC, Financing, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, BOT, BOOT, BTO
We work for

One of the most important industries for developing the country is Construction. Building the social infrastructure and residential and industrial complex is bringing the economic booming to the nation.

Providing The Good Quality of the construction work in infrastructure and building and utilities show the Nation becoming a credible country to live and do the business.

Domestic and International transmission line and communication line will be installed with power plants.

People will enjoy the development of the nation all the time.

Knowhow transfer, Teaching, Training
We care about

People are eager to work to have a better life and develop its own country.

To have the real good job creation, the skillful people shall transfer the knowledge and know-how to the other people who want to learn.


We need electricity, clean water, and safe residence urgently and the job creation strategy satisfies these needs through the businessmen cooperating the business and people having good jobs.

The jobs in Manufacturing and construction enables the nation stronger and happier. 



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Advisory Members


Marketing Department

(Global Business)

Planning Department


Clean Energy Department

(Power Plant)

Financial Department


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