Global Knowledge Center (GKC)

Executive Summary


  GKC Global Co., Ltd (GKC) is a world leading next generation energy service provider in the business of creating sustainable energy based power projects from manufacturing of power product to transmission. As a developer, we implement the latest proven technologies to maximize efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI) on renewable power projects, and create local economic benefit by setting up home-base manufacturing operations.
  Through our sales network, technology and service partners, GKC evaluates localities, works with local government and business officials, and determines the required sustainable energy implementation for 24 hour power production. GKC projects range from smaller multiple Megawatt scale to Gigawatt and beyond. With financial partners GKC brings over $5 Billion USD of project finance and power purchase agreement (PPA) capability to the table to meet long term project goals. GKC develops and manages construction and operation of world class manufacturing facilities and power plants.
GKC provides all project due diligence and economic analysis to determine technical and financial feasibility and brings direct relationships with bankable technology partners, optimizing time value of production, cost and reliability.

Middle East Region Strategy

  Specifically for Middle East & Africa region customers, GKC implements a combination of Photovoltaic (PV), Wind and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants. gas combined cycle, crude oil firing, waste heat recovery power plants.The PV plant supplies power during daytime sunlight hours and the CSP & Wind plant provides power during non-sunlight hours based on thermal and energy storage solutions.
Accompanying local factories, complete with best practice manufacturing protocols, security and training and technology transfer, provide local products for use in project power plants, enabling a domestic supply of products and significant local job creation.

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